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Girl combing her hair

Trying to be productive and focused again so I can work on my grad film. I think these daily illustrations are helping me get into the groove.

Green Lantern Poster I did.

Probably not going to watch the movie but the poster was fun to make!

He Caught Up

Days of Leviathan: Chapter 1, Page 36

Hi everyone! I am in Montreal right now! If you are in Montreal as well, let me know! We will hang out.

I will talk about TCAF in my next post.

Originally published at Days of Leviathan. You can comment here or there.

The Worst Prank

Days of Leviathan: Chapter 1, Page 35

I will be exhibiting at TCAF!! Yaaay! I will also be doing a panel on Sunday morning called Embedded Culture. Come join me!

To be honest, I am not proud of the next few pages… neither the art nor the dialogue. But it’s done and I have to much to do to go back and re-do it… sigh.

I hope you enjoy it anyways. I promise it will get better!

(I am the worst promoter of my own work. ><)

Originally published at Days of Leviathan. You can comment here or there.

sketch cards and a WIP

 Daily sketch. Wanted to draw a giant because of Cloudscape's next book, Giants of Main Street.

A WIP illustration I am working on for fun.

Also, I started a blogspot since all animators (I do mean ALL) have a blogspot. It is TheWeiLi.blogspot.com! I am going to update it as often as I do here though.

Layout from Frist Year

I totally forgot to post my layout stuff.




End of first year of animation

Some designs I did at the end of my first year.

This is the first rough animatic I have done. I did it in a week because it wasn't a school assignment. I did it on the little personal time I had while at school so it is reeeaaally rough. I do plan on redoing the whole thing (but keeping the story) during the summer.

And this is my sad little first year animation demo reel... not really proud of it lol.

Some old comic pages

I don't think I posted this before. It's from a year ago. I showed it to a Dark Horse Editor and he really liked it. He brought it back to DH and showed the other editors as well. I think that's the easy step. I didn't make it any further past that point though.

I did 15 pages of this comic but I only liked these 6.